About Us

Ophthalamte Mission

Mission Statement

To provide unparalleled value to the ophthalmic industry through high-end affordable solutions and prompt quality services through experienced personnel.

Vision Statement

In this ever-changing world, our customers can provide quality diagnoses & treatment to their patients. Ophthalmate can be a dependable partner in overall progress of our customers. Ophthalmate provides a connected live platform for all challenges faced by the customer

Ophthalamte Vision

Who are we?

We, at OphthalMate are an online marketplace to buy and sell preowned / refurbished Ophthalmic devices. We also provide alternative affordable solutions for expensive repairs.

What do we do?

We support and serve as a catalyst to successful practitioners to upgrade to new modality by selling off their old used working equipment.

With more than 50 checkpoints and an experienced service team, we refurbish & repair old bought-back equipment. We give opportunities to other aspiring ophthalmologists, hospitals, private practitioners, students & others, to own branded high-end equipment at a reasonable price. Among other things verifying service & commercial history, for complete peace of mind for the new buyer.

We also support by providing alternative affordable service for an expensive quoted repair.

Join us to make a positive impact in the world of ophthalmology